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Front Page Pic Welcome to the RRPictureArchives.NET contributor site of Mitch Reed.  


WELCOME to Dawn (AKA "Shywolf") & Mitch's (AKA "The Donkey")'s prototype picture page.


Most of these pics were taken by yours truly, & some (like the one above) by my fiance' Dawn.

The 2 of us in our photos, tend to lean towards cars & locos that are moderately to heavily weathered, rusted, &/or tagged with graffiti, but we get other pics too given the moment.

I'm a model railroader, my "specialty" being weathering & detailing HO scale cars & locos. These are pics we've taken in my local area for ideas & inspiration. & if you're the same as us, FEEL FREE to use our pics for ideas for yourself! If you want to use one of these pics for comparison on the web or Ebay or other to a model your're working on or selling, THAT'S FINE! you HAVE our permission to use our pics that way! (just give us a "heads up" if you plan on doing so, so 2 of us don't have the same car up at the same time or thereabouts)

I've decided to allow comments on pics again, provided they're positive or informative.
I had a problem awhile back with some that felt my graffiti tags album was promoting vandalism. Not in the least, only reference for fellow modelers, since we only replicate in model form the prototypes running the rails. If the tagging wasn't there, we wouldn't replicate it. Thanks for understanding.

"It isn't all about the "power", the "leader", or the "horn."

Look for my model work also under the Ebay screename "eeyore9999" (& finished & sold work on "My site.")


Dawn & Mitch

http://ddd.shywolfsbeads.com (Mitch's site)

http://www.modeltrainsweathered.com (check out the forum!)

http://therailwire.net (check out the weathering, detailing, & scratchbuilding forum!)

http://www.shywolfsbeads.com/ Dawn's site-if you like HANDMADE glass beads & jewelry, you HAVE to check hers out!

http://www.wsmonline.com For classic country music, WSM Nashville can't be beat! Go to the "archives" & pick an Eddie Stubbs program-Eddie KNOWS his classic country-which is also a treasure trove for TRAIN songs! ("That old TC-is good enough for me..." (Roy Acuff-"Tennessee Central #9")

You may browse my collection of pictures via the menu located on the left hand side of the page.  I hope you enjoy the collection and thanks for stopping by!

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Covered Hoppers-Gunderson (Concarril)
   -Added 5/29/2014 1:49:23 PM
Covered Hoppers-SLSF RR Built
   -Added 7/2/2013 8:01:57 PM
Covered Hoppers-USRE
   -Added 5/1/2013 4:45:54 PM
Covered Hoppers-Greenville
   -Added 4/2/2013 9:18:28 PM
Covered Hoppers-Transco
   -Added 4/2/2013 4:02:34 PM
   -Added 4/1/2013 4:39:53 PM
   -Added 11/12/2012 3:56:55 PM
Boxcars-Greenbrier (Trenton Works)
   -Added 10/8/2012 2:58:07 PM
Covered Hoppers-NYC Despatch Shops Built
   -Added 10/8/2012 12:26:50 PM
Boxcars-Greenbrier (Gunderson)
   -Added 9/17/2012 5:33:52 PM
Covered Hoppers-Greenbrier (Concarril)
   -Added 9/16/2012 2:05:10 PM
Covered Hoppers-TrinityRail
   -Added 9/3/2012 3:04:02 PM
Covered Hoppers-Midwest Freight Car
   -Added 9/2/2012 4:31:43 PM
Boxcars-Greenbrier (Concarril)
   -Added 9/2/2012 1:16:25 PM
Covered Hoppers-N&W Roanoke Shops Built
   -Added 7/2/2012 11:38:50 AM
   -Added 4/15/2012 12:56:13 PM
Covered Hoppers - UP Built
   -Added 9/5/2011 2:37:36 PM
Boxcars-International Car Co.
   -Added 5/16/2011 10:41:01 AM
Covered Hoppers-Procor Built
   -Added 1/15/2011 10:17:24 AM
Boxcars-CR Hollidaysburg Shops Rebuilt
   -Added 1/14/2011 6:03:34 PM
Boxcars-ATSF Built
   -Added 1/13/2011 8:00:00 PM
   -Added 11/11/2010 5:09:51 PM
Covered Hoppers-Magor Car Co.
   -Added 9/10/2010 12:18:55 PM
Covered Hoppers-Reading RR Built
   -Added 6/30/2010 11:37:23 AM
Covered Hoppers-Altoona Shops Built
   -Added 6/20/2010 9:19:55 PM
Covered Hoppers-Magor
   -Added 4/9/2010 5:45:51 PM
Boxcars-CNCF Built
   -Added 3/4/2010 3:57:15 PM
   -Added 8/6/2009 1:03:25 PM
Covered Hoppers-Ingalls Shipbuilding
   -Added 7/30/2009 4:58:33 PM
Boxcars-Fruit Growers Express
   -Added 6/19/2009 5:02:42 PM
Passenger & Former Passenger Cars
   -Added 5/6/2009 5:19:45 PM
Prototype & Models
   -Added 9/26/2008 12:21:26 AM
Covered Hoppers-Evans
   -Added 4/15/2008 10:12:42 AM
Covered Hoppers-Bethlehem
   -Added 4/15/2008 10:06:58 AM
Covered Hoppers-Portec
   -Added 4/7/2008 9:32:46 AM
Updated Photo Albums
Covered Hoppers-Evans
   -Updated 4/29/2015 3:05:59 PM
Covered Hoppers-USRE
   -Updated 4/28/2015 4:51:05 PM
Locomotives-General Electric (GE)
   -Updated 4/27/2015 6:13:12 PM
   -Updated 4/27/2015 6:02:01 PM
Boxcars-Pacific Car & Foundry (PCF)
   -Updated 4/26/2015 7:15:45 PM
   -Updated 4/26/2015 5:37:29 PM
Covered Hoppers-Pullman Standard (PS)
   -Updated 4/26/2015 2:51:41 PM
Covered Hoppers-N&W Roanoke Shops Built
   -Updated 4/26/2015 11:55:14 AM
Covered Hoppers-American Car & Foundry (ACF)
   -Updated 4/26/2015 11:20:46 AM
Covered Hoppers-Trinity
   -Updated 8/18/2014 1:41:40 PM
   -Updated 8/18/2014 1:25:45 PM
   -Updated 8/15/2014 3:14:35 PM
   -Updated 8/15/2014 3:10:03 PM
Bulkhead Flat Cars
   -Updated 8/5/2014 1:20:07 PM
Boxcars-Pullman Standard (PS)
   -Updated 7/24/2014 2:59:59 PM
Covered Hoppers-National Steel Car
   -Updated 7/24/2014 2:05:58 PM
Covered Hoppers-Thrall
   -Updated 7/24/2014 1:58:58 PM
Locomotives-Electro Motive Division (EMD)
   -Updated 7/23/2014 2:24:13 PM
Boxcars-Fruit Growers Express
   -Updated 7/23/2014 2:14:54 PM
Boxcars-CR Hollidaysburg Shops Rebuilt
   -Updated 7/23/2014 2:04:17 PM
Open Hoppers
   -Updated 7/21/2014 2:31:39 PM
   -Updated 7/17/2014 5:22:57 PM
Boxcars-Trenton Works
   -Updated 7/17/2014 5:07:03 PM
Coil Cars
   -Updated 7/17/2014 4:25:08 PM
Covered Hoppers-Airslides
   -Updated 7/15/2014 4:39:06 PM
   -Updated 7/11/2014 5:42:19 PM
Covered Hoppers-Gunderson (Concarril)
   -Updated 7/11/2014 5:27:12 PM
   -Updated 7/9/2014 10:55:51 AM
Tank Cars
   -Updated 7/7/2014 2:27:32 PM
Covered Hoppers-Greenville
   -Updated 7/7/2014 10:26:11 AM
   -Updated 6/7/2014 4:42:56 PM
   -Updated 6/6/2014 4:05:27 PM
Covered Hoppers-ARI
   -Updated 6/3/2014 2:51:46 PM
Covered Hoppers-Food Machinery Corp. (FMC)
   -Updated 5/30/2014 3:56:53 PM
   -Updated 5/28/2014 3:38:46 PM

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